Is it GOOD Sweat or BAD Sweat? August 14, 2015 18:32

    Is It Good Sweat or Bad Sweat?    


You've heard the saying " The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"? Well it holds true with sweat as well. As you know, sweating is a natural process where the body is trying to keep the skin at a constant temperature and to rid of toxin. But for some people with hyperhidrosis, it is usually classified as the Ugly.

Let's take a look at each a little further.......


When you are working out or putting your body in motion, the body is going to monitor the skin temp and if need be, will produce sweat. You can sweat after a long run, or may sweat after laying on the beach. These are normal sweaty events which are actually good for your body. This demonstrates your body is cooling and regulating its temperature. Normal sweating usually occurs during stress, eating certain foods, sickness and/or exercise.

Everyone sweats differently and in different places and/or sweat more than others. Some of the benefits of healthy sweating are 1) Regulates body temperature and avoids overheating 2) Sweating can help protect against bacteria and germs, 3) Sweating clears pores and keeps skin clean to prevent zits.

If you exercise on a regular basis and work up a sweat, studies have shown to reduce kidney stones.

Now the BAD

Sweating usually comes in all forms and usually raises it head exactly when you don't want it too. We know the ugly side of sweat. It comes in the forms of smell, sweaty underarms, sweaty hands, sweaty feet and other forms. Even creates awkward moments and causes many people to wear all hide the sweaty stain. Several examples of bad sweat include: 1) Continual Sweating, 2) Hyperhidrosis and 3) sweat that is too acidic and fatty.

So what can we do about this issue?

First consult with your physician to see if there is no other underlying issues that could be causing the sweating. At this time he/she may recommend a strong antiperspirant that contains Aluminum Chloride like: Monray Antiperspirant. Also he/she could review some of your habits to see if something can be eliminated; such as fatty or acidic foods, eliminating stress, menopause, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

While hyperhidrosis is not a life threatening disease, it is extremely embarrassing and can effect life choices and life styles. Folks with hyperhidrosis will find themselves sweating even when they are in a cool room and not in a stressful situation. It just comes on for no reason at all. If you think you may have hyperhidrosis, there are many solutions ranging from home remedies such as baking soda to clinical strength antiperspirants to surgery. Most people who suffer from hyperhidrosis can use a extra strength antiperspirant ( to stop the sweating. But be careful when comparing antiperspirants. Aluminum Chloride and Aluminum Zichromium are two complete different ingredients and Zichromium is a weaker form. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

In summary, if you sweat to much, it may be a form of hyperhidrosis.