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Ready to Learn More About Monray Antiperspirant?


Whether you're a Monray veteran, or new to the game, there's always more knowledge to be gained. That's why the folks at Monray have rounded up our most frequently asked questions to share with you in a one-stop-shop to controlling excessive sweating.

We LOVE hearing what you have to say about our favorite Monray Products. It can be our Underarm Treatment, Hand Treatment or Foot Treatment, we will try and get the answers you need. If you do not see your question below, email us at and it will get answered. Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook page and we will answer to you this way as well.

When can I apply Monray Antiperspirant on my underarms after showering? Monray Antiperspirant should be used at bedtime. It will not wash off after showering or shaving in the morning, because it has penetrated into your sweat pores during the night. The skin and pores should be dry so the active ingredients can do their work. So make sure the underarms are dry.

How long does it take for Monray Antiperspirant to work? Since everyone's body chemistry is different, people can react differently to Monray. Depending on your system, you can see effects the next morning. Some folks may take several applications to see results. But don't give up, once you start to see results, then you know how often you need to apply. In our study, some folks needed to apply every evening to see results, others could go 8 days before re-applying Monray.

What is the difference between your Foot Treatment and your Hand Treatment? According to our bottle data descriptions, it can look like they are the same. BUT, that is not true. The two products are VERY different. Although the active ingredient is the same, it's the application that is very different. The Hand Formula has hydrated glycerin while the Foot Treatment has di-hydrated glycerin complex. The reason they are different is because the hands and feet have different skin textures and are used more frequently. Therefore, you need something that will hold to this type skin.

Is Monray Antiperspirant tested on animals? The answer is NO! Actually Monray Antiperspirant has currently applied for the PETA Program and the Cruelty Free of Animals endorsements.

Should Monray Antiperspirant burn? Monray should not burn for it to work. Avoid applying it directly after shaving and if you have sensitive skin, use a anti itch cream, this will help. Also, the major reason it could burn is you have applied to much product to your skin. Use Monray Antiperspirant in moderation. You don't have to apply a lot to get great results.

Does Monray Antiperspirant stop odor? Monray Antiperspirant is a antiperspirant; meaning it stops sweating. The reason odor exist is the sweat combines with bacteria on your skin to cause the odor. If you stop the sweat, the odor will reduce. If you still have a problem, then you need to apply a deodorant. Deodorants do not stop sweat, they mask the odor.

What is the main ingredient in Monray Antiperspirant? Active Ingredient: 17.1% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate. Monray Antiperspirant is the strongest antiperspirant produced in the United States without a prescription.

How does Monray Antiperspirant compare to other clinical strength antiperspirants? While no specific head to head study has been completed, you are able to compare the labels of all competing products and look at concentrations of active ingredient. This active ingredient is what makes the antiperspirant work. If you compare the labels, you will not find another USA produced product that can beat Monray Antiperspirant for potent active ingredients. Most of our customers have already tried many other products before they find Monray Antiperspirant. They become loyal customers because Monray Antiperspirant works just as it claims to do- prevent excessive sweating day after day, week after week. No prescription is required for our product and Monray Antiperspirant has a extremely low incidence of irritation of the skin like other “clinical strength” products do. There is not another product that can compare to Monray Antiperspirant.

Will my shipment be discreet? Yes, all packaging comes in a white unmarked bag. There will be nothing on the bag to state it is an antiperspirant.

Hope these questions help you in your use of Monray Antiperspirant.