Searching for a Strong Antperspirant September 4, 2015 15:46

Searching For Strong Antiperspirant

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that all human beings sweat; some take it more seriously than others, and some are downright in your face about it. We eat, we process food, we get hot, we sweat. Because we live in close contact with each other for the most part, and we don't like the smell that others put out, for the most part; we are forced to go on this quest to find a strong antiperspirant/deodorant that will stifle or mask our smells and at the same time, stop that darned sweat from pouring down our sides from our armpits.

Because we demand the best in products to do the most effective job possible (especially as they advertise), scientists have been working for years to come up with the best antiperspirant to fill that demand and as a result have flooded the market with creams, gels, sprays, roll-ons in all types of containers to satisfy our needs. The deodorants are the most needed part of the equation, because if you can't effectively control all the sweat that is pouring off you; you can, with a good deodorant, control the growth of the bacteria on the skin that are feeding on the sweat and creating the odors that come out from under your armpits. The way that is done is simply a chemistry trick----the bacteria are designed to live and breed in a certain environment, and when that environment is altered, they die. So, the altering in this case, is of the pH of your skin by the deodorant, which when applied to the skin, creates an acidic environment (a lower pH) and the bacteria are done in. The sweat when produced from the body on to the skin's surface is clear and odorless, it is the bacteria feeding on it that produces the smell----so get rid of the bacteria with a lowered pH and the smell is gone. Well in theory, that is the case. BUT, what do we do with those rings under our arms from the sweating?

When you look at the MOA (mechanism of action) of the antiperspirants. Their MOA is quite different from that of the deodorants in the fact that they are mostly made up of aluminum salts and their action is to plug the pores of the skin and reduce the amount of sweat that is produced on to the skin's surface. Because the sweat is needed for the bacteria to feed on to produce the odor, if you reduce the sweat amount and reduce the bacteria by changing the pH with the deodorant, then you have effectively solved the problem. The best antiperspirant according to sweatlinks is Mon Ray Antiperspirant:

Now, if you are an unlucky member of the percentage of humans in the world that produce so much sweat and resulting bacterial action that your odor cloud precedes you for miles; then you already know that you need something stronger than the average over the counter antiperspirant deodorant combos and you are still searching for the best antiperspirant deodorant that can solve the problem. Your answer probably lies in obtaining the services of a physician and have him prescribe something much stronger like Mon Ray Antiperspirant or DrySol. Mon Ray Antiperspirant is non-prescription and DrySol is prescription. According to sweatlinks, there is only a two percent difference in prescription and Mon Ray. There are also avenues other than topical products that can be used such as surgery to separate the nerves that control the sweat glands from the spinal column so the sweating is stopped by that method.  

There is hope out there after all, and we can rest easy knowing that there are good products available that fit the mold of best antiperspirant deodorant for our use. Life is too stressful and moving too fast to have to worry about whether you are leaving an odor cloud behind you, so finding the product that works the best for you and sticking with it, will make life in general a lot simpler in the long run.