Google Ranks Popular Halloween Costumes. But will you SWEAT! October 23, 2015 12:44

If you haven’t figured out your costume for this year’s Halloween festivities, you better get on it!

You can’t just pick any costume. There are considerations to be made here…

If you’re using Monray Antiperspirant, you won’t need to worry because the sky is the limit. You can forget about sweating through your costume.

We’ve taken the 2015 list of most “googled” costumes and provided a “sweat rating” that takes the following into consideration:

Weight and Layers: How many layers of clothing is required? Is the costume a heavy one? (think Stormtrooper or Batman)

Make-up or Mask: Any costume requiring heavy make up or suffocating masks are bound to crank up the body temp. (think Joker, zombie, or Jason)

Difficulty: This isn’t so much about sweat as it is about last minute costume planning, though we have included in a weighting the emotional difficulty of actually pulling it off and the nerves that might be required to “put yourself out there.” (think Hulk Hogan or sexy anything)

Without further explanation, here are the top googled costumes of 2015 with a “Monray” take:

Star Wars Costumes

With the much anticipated movie release, it’s the most searched of the year. Our rating were based on Stormtroopers, Aliens, Darth Vader, and Sythes. We consider Luke, Lea, or Hans costumes quick and easy and certainly less than 4 unless your are trying to pull-off Lea with Jabba the Hut.


Pirate Costumes

A perennial favorite and one that can be pulled off quickly and without too much trouble. Add a point for wigs or revealing attire.


Superhero Costumes

In most cases, superheroes are sporting tight, form-fitting get-ups. Some, even have addition stuffing sewn for fake muscle tone. Both mean rising body heat. If you’re going for the Wonder Woman look, thing might get chilly.

Batman Costume

Full disclosure: There are really 2 types of Batmen out there. The early 70’s style in glorified pajamas and the more modern Batman with heavy capes, gloves, shirts, fake muscles, boots, etc. This rating is based on the latter, though it may apply for the former if your friends are particularly brutal.


Minions Costume

While make up is required to really pull this off, the overalls allow for breathability that makes all the body temp difference. Best done in pairs.

 Witch Costume

What would Halloween be without the witch. Done right, the wardrobe is heavier, make-up is thick, hat is required, and hauling around a broom stick are all required.

Here are the next 10 just for kicks:

Joker: Sweat Rating 4.5

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Sweat Rating 4

Princess: Sweat Rating 3

Minnie Mouse: Sweat Rating 3

Mermaid: Sweat Rating 4

Dinosaur: Sweat Rating 4

Maleficent: Sweat Rating 5

Catwoman: Sweat Rating 3.5

Stormtrooper: Sweat Rating 5

Vampire: Sweat Rating 4.5

Doll: Sweat Rating 2